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As the new year is approaching and many of us are preparing to comply with the resolutions that we could not meet last year; either lose weight, earn more money or get out of debt. Another desire that many people have at the beginning of the year is to open their own business. Many have the illusion of working from home, being in control of their destiny, working whenever they want and not having a detestable boss – it sounds great, doesn’t it? But it is not easy nor is there a magical way to ensure success in your business. Here are some suggestions that can help you.


You have to love what you want to undertake!

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What is your passion? Doing what fascinates you does not mean that you will not live difficult times. We all have days that we want to give up even if we like what we do. But if he doesn’t like it and is only doing it to earn money, it won’t last.


Save, Don’t Borrow

Save, Don

Start your business without debt and with an emergency fund. It is easier to start part time and develop the business while you have another income. If the plan is to quit your job, you need abundant savings to survive at least six months without income. Never use credit cards or loans to finance difficult times. This is the recipe to fail in business.


Don’t forget to investigate


If you are interested in starting an internet sales business, do the necessary research; Talk to successful people in that type of business and read their books.

The truth of business is that it is risky and takes a lot of effort. Working 40 hours is the minimum it would take; but at the same time it is very satisfying and can bring fantastic economic growth. The people who earn the most are not doctors, lawyers or politicians: they are entrepreneurs. Take it slowly and you’ll see!

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