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 The Kiwanis Club of Montrose, Colorado
  Students of The Week
& Other News!

Loveann Cox was chosen for Kiwanis recognition because of her academic efforts and creativity. Loveann approaches each assignment with enthusiasm and a fresh outlook.  During the Science Fair, she developed a question from her observations of the world around her.  Loveann presented an actual world problem, then developed and designed her own investigation to answer the original question.  Loveann demonstrates a remarkable level of maturity and self-motivation. We are proud that she is a Centennial Brave. Pictured L-R: Front Row-Kiwanian Cisco Martinez, State Farm Insurance; Student – Loveann Cox; CTMS Teacher – Juana Jaime, CTMS Secretary – Kim Evink, Back Row-CTMS Teacher – Lori Thorp; Parent – Christine Cox, Parent – Dale Cox.


The Kiwanis Student of the Week  is OHS senior, Troy Rose.   Troy currently holds a 3.628 GPA and has been a member of the National Honor Society throughout his career at Olathe High.  This is quite an accomplishment since Troy has pursued  a more rigorous pathway, taking all of the concurrent enrollment courses  offered through Colorado Mesa University on our campus. Troy has been involved in virtually every aspect of school.  He has been a 3 sport athlete during his high school career. That is quite a commitment in itself, but in his free time, Troy has dedicated time from anything to refereeing pee wee wrestling tournaments to peer mentoring our special needs students.  He is a dedicated and honorable young man , and is one of those individuals that you can depend on to complete a task or jump in and help in any situation. He has plans to attend Northern Arizona University to pursue a degree in education.  He would like to be a high school history teacher one day.  We wish him all of the luck and success he deserves. Pictured L-R: Principal, OHS – Scot Brown, Father – TeeJay Rose, Student – Troy Rose, Kiwanian – Ed Walker, Turner Automotive.


Maria Vazquez is an amazing young lady.  She comes to school each day with a great attitude, ready to work hard.  Her determination and drive are leading her to graduate a semester early.  Maria stays after school every day to complete extra school work.  In addition to her academic strengths, Maria’s sense of humor adds to the classroom.  She always makes the teachers laugh.  Her positive and respectful attitude make her a joy to be around.  We, at Passage Charter School, are so fortunate to have Maria as a student. Pictured L-R Photo: Kiwanian – Steve Wilson, Montrose Memorial Hospital, Student – Maria Vazquez, Teacher – Amber Bray.


Kelly O’Meara is an outstanding student and an amazing citizen. In addition to taking and excelling at the most rigorous courses at Montrose High School, she is involved in numerous organizations with an emphasis in community service. Kelly is the president of the Astra Club, the vice president of Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA ), and the treasurer for National Honor Society. Recently she and another student founded their own organization called Green Teens Recycling. This organization collects recycling for elderly residents and busy families. Other community service projects from the various organizations include Stuff the Bus to collect school supplies for students, fundraising for cancer, and Christmas shopping for children. Pictured L-R: Mother – Madeline O’Meara, Student-Kelly O’Meara, Father- Dr. Patrick O’Meara, MHS Counselor – Paula George (also MHS Key Club Sponsor – HS leadership club mentored by Montrose Kiwanis Club), Kiwanian President – Trevor Harrison, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


It is with great pleasure to introduce Nayeli Hernandez as the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Nayeli
was chosen by the Olathe Middle School 7th grade core because she is positive and always ready to contribute to class, often taking on the most difficult assignments; she is a real asset to both her peers and community. Nayeli is thought highly of by her peers, described as someone who always helps other students who might be struggling in class. She is self-described as someone who “wants to do well in school and does not care what people think of her.” The daughter of Juan and Laura Hernandez, she is involved in school and intends on going out for basketball this winter.  Her hobbies include, helping people and spending time with friends and family. Picture L-R: Teacher OMS – Kari Keller, Student – Nayeli Hernandez, Mom – Laura Hernandez, Kiwanian – Martin Valdez Gonzalez.


8th grader, Gabe Bowlin, is a terrific student at Columbine Middle School.  Gabe is a polite young man with a good work ethic, and a funny sense of humor.  Gabe can be a serious student, but knows just when to add that touch of levity-appropriate of course.  Thanks Gabe, you are a well-rounded and knowledgeable student and a pleasure to have in class. Pictured L-R: Principal – Ben Stephenson, Teacher – Michelle Giroir, Mother – Jill Bowlin, Student – Gabe Bowlin, Grandmother – Barbara Bowlin, Grandfather – Jim Bowlin, Teacher – Kerri Catlin.


Centennial Middle School 8th grader, Alexandria Hanley, was chosen as Kiwanis Student of the Week for the mature, diligent and respectful way she approaches each school day.  Alex is a student that is truly in charge of her own learning, and strives to put forth her best effort at all times.  It is clear that she is here to improve as a student and as a person, her completed work consistently goes above and beyond what is required.  Furthermore, Alex is kind and respectful to both students and staff, frequently offering a smile and greeting no matter what the circumstance.  Alex is a fine example of both personal and academic excellence, and can surely look forward to a bright future. Pictured L-R: Teacher – Chris Thompson, Kiwanian – Ed Walker, Turner Automotive, Dad – Dr. Richard Hanley, Student – Alexandria Hanley, Mom – Amy Hanley, and Counselor – Matt Piquette.


Russell Harris, a senior at OHS, has challenged himself by taking the more rigorous pathway. He has taken every Concurrent Enrollment course offered, in addition to taking honors and college prep courses. He is currently enrolled in 4 courses through Colorado Mesa University. All the while he has maintained a 3.72 grade point average. Russell has played point guard on our Varsity Basketball team since last year. He is a member of the National Honor Society, and has been a member of FFA for the last few years. He has received state awards for his project in the history fair and was recognized as an ABC student of the month earlier in his high school career. Russell is a Humanitarian. He is always striving to better the world and the individuals around him. Pictured L-R: Principal OHS – Scot Brown, Student – Russell Harris, Parent – Penny Harris.


Carissa Champlin, a senior at MHS, is a hard-working young woman with many gifts. Her smile and positive outlook on life are contagious.  She is bright, caring, and focused, and she will be very successful in her future endeavors.  Carissa hopes to be a high school English teacher, and I believe she is well suited for the job. Pictured L-R :MHS Counselor – Kathleen Pirani, Family friend - Jason Gressman (their daughter is Kearyn), Student – Carissa Champlin, Family friend - Andrea Gressman, Kiwanian – Cosme Sisneros.


Nominated by Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club for outstanding qualities. Pictured L-R: Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club - Kris Hooten, Program Director;Youth - Mauricio Leyva; Kiwanian – Justin Kiehl; Executive Director, Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club; Youth – Gage Wareham


Nominted by Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club for outstanding qualities. Pictured L-R:
Kiwanian:  Hal Miller, Student:  Caroline Kearns, Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club:  Dana Johnson


Centennial Middle School 8th grader, Amanda Ludian is an outstanding role model for other Centennial students.  She is involved in Student Council and various sports, including volleyball, basketball and track.  Amanda is always ready to help others in a positive and professional way, and presents a cheerful attitude in all that she does.  We are proud to honor Amanda as our Centennial Kiwanis Student of the Week. Pictured L-R: Counselor – Jessica Griffin, Mom – Tess Ludian, Student – Amanda Ludian, Dad – Scott Ludian, Kiwanis Member – Martin Valdez Gonzalez.


10th grader, Adreena Jones came to Vista Charter School at the beginning of this year. She has had an excellent work ethic and positive attitude since she started at Vista. She asks questions when she doesn’t understand something and she turns in all of her assignments in a timely and professional manner. Adreena is working hard to earn credits and is well along the way of reaching her goal of graduating. Adreena also works at McDonalds when she is not in school and has been successful in fulfilling the Work Study requirement at Vista. Adreena has been a very positive addition to the student body at Vista and staff and students anticipate her return next year. Pictured L-R: Sisters of Adreena, Vista Teacher-Marty Fevrier, Student-Addreen Jones, Kiwanian- Cosme Sisneros, Adreena's brother.


Vanessa Dunham is a well rounded student who knows where she is going and works hard to achieve her goals.  Since Vanessa arrived at Olathe High School, she has never wavered in her goal of being a Pediatrician.  Vanessa earned her Certified Nurse Assistant license through evening classes.  She took a Child Growth & Development class through Delta Montrose Technical College.  She attended a summer National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in Boston after her junior year, earning credits from George Mason University.  She earned an “A” in Psychology from Colorado Mesa University and is currently taking Health & Wellness, English Composition, American Government and American History 132 through Colorado Mesa.  Vanessa volunteers extensively.  Recently she volunteered in the oncology department at the hospital which sparked her interest in Pediatric oncology.  Vanessa also earned a certificate through CU for attending mini-med school on her own time.  Vanessa is also very encouraging to other students and staff in their scholastic endeavors.  Vanessa will be attending Colorado Mesa University next year for her pre-med schooling.  She is the daughter of Bob & Kristi Dunham.Pictured L-R: Assistant Principal – Bob Lee, Student – Vanessa Dunham, Student’s Aunt – Wendy Knifer, Kiwanian – Paul Paladino, Montrose Library.


 Olathe Middle School 8th grader, Taylor Brown, exhibits all the qualities of a true Olathe Viking.  She is on time and on task. Learns actively-working hard and to the best of her abilities. She is always respectful of others, and takes responsibility for her learning. She even goes beyond what is expected, by participating in STAND, volleyball, basketball, track and Honor Society. Taylor has her stuff together and is always prepared, and engages her brain, excelling in all academics areas.  Taylor is definitely an asset to Olathe Middle School setting an example for other students to follow. Pictured Left to Right are: Teacher - Kari Keller, Kiwanian - Dan McCaslin, Alpine Bank, Student - Taylor Brown, Mother - Toni Brown.


Austin Church, son of Cindy and Forest Hyde, is the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Austin has come so far since starting at Vista Charter School in 2009. He is currently a senior and is extremely focused on his goal to graduate in May. Austin is responsible, well-organized, and productive.  We depend on him to stock the vending machines and handle the money because he is trustworthy and conscientious. Austin plans to earn a degree in criminal justice with the goal to become a police officer or an investigator. He is also exploring the option to join the Coast Guard while attending college. Pictured Left to Right are: Mom-Cindy Hyde, Student-Austin Church, and teacher, Debbie Lofton.


Aaron Handke, a senior at Olathe High School, has always challenged himself by taking the more rigorous academic pathway, including several concurrent enrollment courses through Colorado Mesa University his junior and senior year.  He has always held high expectations for himself and encourages the same from those around him.

He has participated in three sports a year since his arrival at OHS.  Aaron has always been a positive support and influence for all of his team members.  His optimism and determination were very influential to the success of his basketball, baseball, and golf teams.

Aaron went one step further with his love of sports and has dedicated numerous hours coaching the Special Olympics basketball team this year.  In addition, he has volunteered his free hour during the school day with the special education severe needs classroom.  He has gone on field trips with them, participated in activities, tutored them, and assisted in the classroom.

Aaron has also dedicated time helping set up and orchestrate our local “Denim & Diamonds” fundraiser.  The funds were raised to help support “Dreamcatcher’s Therapy,” an organization dedicated to adopting abused or abandoned horses and training them to work with special needs kids through equine therapy.  Aaron also spent a few high school years serving as a peer mentor and tutor to our middle school students through CFES.  He is a dedicated worker and very committed to helping others.  His kind heart together with his drive to do the right thing provide a winning situation for all involved. Pictured L-R: Principal/OHS – Scot Brown, Student – Aaron Handke, Mom – Leslie Handke, Dad – Eldon Handke.


 Hayley Schneider has volunteered and been a partner of Special Olympians at Montrose High School over the past 4 years.  During that time she has partnered Special Olympics students in volleyball, basketball, track and bowling.  Her input and encouragement have proved exceptionally positive for the participating students.
     Hayley’s influence in the high school has helped to promote more general education students to volunteer to partner as well.  She has been a true ambassador for students with intellectual disabilities.
     Hayley has been involved in Special Olympics at the state level taking on the position of an ambassador for students with intellectual disabilities.  This group of young volunteers helps spread goodwill for Special Olympians through activities such as “Spread the Word to End the “R” word, a partner club at school which brings general education students and special education students together for social activities,  a collaborative cheerleading event involving special education students with regular education cheer leaders.
     Hayley’s friendships with athletes have been invaluable.   Baking cookies at her house, taking students to high school games and simply hanging out with them has enriched their high school experience. Hayley is truly an altruistic and selfless individual. Pictured L-R: Mother - Angie Schneider, Student – Hayley Schneider, Father - Alan Schneider, Kiwanian – Dave DeVinny, DeVinny Jewelers


 Columbine 8th grade teachers would like to acknowledge Adriana Flowers as our Kiwanis student of the week.  Adriana is an excellent student who always strives to do her best in her classes.  But, even more, Adriana has exhibited a strong sense of community as well.  Adriana is involved in school sports, and 4-H.  Plus, she demonstrated a strong sense of community by participating in our school fundraiser, working with another student to raise over $1000.  Adriana is a wonderful person and will be a well-rounded citizen in the future. L-R: Kiwanian - Kent Cox, Montrose Bank; Father – Steve Flowers; Mother – Donna Flowers; Student – Adriana Flowers; Teacher -  Keith Obsheatz; and Dean of Students – Steve Gaber.


Dakota Bingham is the 7th grade Kiwanis’ student of the week. He is the son of Kelli and Sean Bingham from Olathe. Dakota was selected by his 7th grade teachers for his leadership, hard work, and cheerful attitude. Dakota is a wonderful role model for his classmates displaying good character, self confident, making the right decision, and being willing to do his best. The 7th grade teachers would like to thank Dakota for being a wonderful student and a joy to have in class. Pictured L-R: Teacher-Kari Keller, Mom – Kelli Binghan, Student-Dakota Bingham, and Kiwanian-Cisco Martinez, State Farm Insurance.



The Centennial Middle School Kiwanis Student for the January 26 presentation is Sophie Axarlis, an 8th grader.  Her parents are Dimitri and Nora Axarlis. 
     Sophie Axarlis has been a joy to have in class during this school year.  Each day, she walks into the room with a smile and never fails to make her teachers and fellow students laugh, even though the work at the time is challenging.  Sophie is very conscious of her progress during class and of her final grades.  She is one of the first to ask about extra credit assignments if she feels that she did not do a good enough job the first time around.  In Language Arts and Reading class, Sophie has taken the opportunity to re-submit assignments, not in an effort to raise her grade, but just to do a better job, which shows the amount of responsibility she takes upon herself and her studies.  In Math class, Sophie is always willing to take on new  challenges and to do her best, even with the most difficult of problems. 
Sophie treats each of her classmates with respect, and will do her best to comfort a fellow student who seems to be having a bad day.  All around, Sophie is a great example of what it means to follow our BRAVES Rules (Be on time and prepared, be Respectful, Appropriate behavior, Very responsible, Engage and Stand up for others. L-R:Mom:  Nora Axarlis, Student:  Sophie Axarlis, Teacher:  Christina Kohout, and Kiwanian:  Steve Wilson, Montrose Memorial Hospital. 



Kendra Cox is a senior who entered Vista Charter School with a total of one half credit in August of 2009.  Because of her strong determination and dedication, she now anticipates graduating in May of this year. 
Ms. Cox has completed virtually all of her high school education through Vista.  Over the past two years, she has made remarkable academic progress.  She has increased her scores on national assessments by phenomenal amounts – for example picking up 52 points on her NWEA math tests!  Additionally, she has earned 15.5 credits.  This past year, Kendra has shown tremendous commitment to Vista, she often stays extra hours, or does extra sessions in an effort to graduate. 
     Additionally, Kendra landed a job at a local restaurant and has excelled on the job as well.  She is the top sales person on the staff and she is now able to support herself, as well as help out her family.  For all these reasons, the Vista staff is happy to celebrate Kendra Cox as the Kiwanis Student of the Month. Pictured L-R: Teacher/VISTA- Marty Fevrier, Student – Kendra Cox, Kiwanian – Cheryl Rice, Montrose County School District. 


 Makayla Hull is a senior at Olathe High School.  She has been extremely busy over the last 4 years. She currently holds a 4.022 grade point average and has been a member of the National Honor Society for the last 2 years.  This is not an easy feat being that she has taken advantage of every concurrent enrollment  college course opportunity offered on our campus through Colorado Mesa University.
     In addition to loading her schedule with college coursework, Makayla also attends the Delta Montrose Technical College for half of the day and is obtaining her licensure in Cosmetology. Makayla has been a member of FFA since her freshman year, often times assuming a leadership position. She plans to serve in the Army prior to her entrance into college, and will be sent to basic training later this year.  She is unsure of exactly which profession she will pursue in the armed forces, but is looking at all options.
     Pictured L-R:  Mother – Donna White, Student – Makayla Hull, OHS Principal  – Scot Brown, and Kiwanian - Kent Cox, Montrose Bank.


Brandon Wans, a senior at Montrose High School, came at the start of this school year from out-of-district. Brandon has quickly established himself as a solid student who is sincerely interested in developing a successful career.Brandon has maintained perfect attendance thus far at MHS, and is on-track to make Honor Roll at the end of this semester.  Brandon is currently very interested in the technology career sector. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian - Dan McCaslin, Alpine Bank; MHS Counselor,Barbara Bernhardt; Student, Brandon Wans; Friend, Craig Widegren and Friend, Sara Widegren.


We are pleased to nominate Columbine Middle School 7th grader, Kael VanBuskirk for Kiwanis Student of the Week.  With his quiet determination and steady effort, Kael demonstrates a love for learning and a strong desire to do his very best.  He is a responsible, hard-working, conscientious student.  His character is outstanding.  He is polite, kind and well-respected by his peers and teachers. Kael is an outstanding role model at Columbine Middle School. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian, Martin Valdez Gonzalez; Partners CMS Teacher,  Tami Gallegos; Student, Kael VanBuskirk; Mom,  Lisa Thomason;CMS Teachers, Teresa Brown and Kerri Catlin.


Rafael Nieto, an 8th grade student at Olathe Middle School, is a hardworking, kind, respectful student in all of his classes. He is a role model for others in a quiet, responsible manner. Rafael always applies his best effort to everything he is involved in including his school work, playing baseball, and as a lineman in football. Rafael is a young man of character displaying personal traits such as citizenship, respect, trust, honesty, integrity, justice, and caring. Great job Rafael, Thank you for being in our classes. L-R: Kiwanian: Cheryl Rice; MCSD, OMS Teacher; Kari Keller, Grandfather; Aoureliano Ramirez, Student; Rafael Nieto, Mother; Olivia Nieto, Little Sister; Natalia, Grandmother; Oliva Ramirez.


Centennial’s 7th Grade Teachers of Team Nitro celebrate Trae Rigler as Kiwanis Student of the Week. Trae is being recognized for his consistent and all-around work ethic in all of his subject areas, as well the decorum he displays around teachers and students alike.   His teachers notice his regular positive attitude and how he takes initiative in his learning by staying after school to get extra help if he needs it, and by making up all the work that he misses if he is absent for any reason.  He excels when asked to think and work independently, as well as when he must think and work collaboratively with his peers.  Trae is our Kiwanis Student of the Week because we believe he will continue to be a positive influence upon any classroom environment. Pictured L-R: Dad-Russell Rigler, Grandmother- Beverly Baldwin, Student- Trae Rigler, Mom- Donna Hayes,CTMS Teacher – Gregory Whitsell and Kiwanian – Kirk Henwood, MCSD.


Ariel Farnese is a junior at Vista.  His parents are Dario and Michelle Farnese. 

Ariel entered Vista as a Freshman in 2009, and has made steady progress toward graduation.  He has always earned his required academic and work study, credit, has worked very hard to meet two or our four benchmarks for graduation, and has outstanding attendance.  Ariel hopes to graduate January of 2013, and is keeping his options open as to what to do next. The entire staff wants to congratulation Ariel for his determination and hard work and we all look forward to his graduation. Pictured L-R: Dad - Dario Farnese, Student - Ariel Farnese,Kiwanian - Cheryl Rice, Montrose County School District and Teacher - Gail Rust.


Kyle Casper has worked hard to overcome hurdles in her education. She is a committed student who focuses on doing the right thing all the time. Kyle has proven that hard work and determination foster achievement and success for every student. In addition, Kyle has a dynamic personality and a quick smile that she shares with everyone. L-R: MHS Counselor – Kathleen Pirani, Mom – Cindy Casper, Student – Kyle Casper, Dad – Lewis Casper, Kiwanian – Cindy Warren, Montrose Bank.


Maria Baltazar has been selected as the 7th grade Kiwanis Student of the week for Olathe Middle School. Maria is a hardworking, talented student. She is always up for a challenge and volunteers for special projects. Maria exhibits all of the characteristic traits that we emphasis at Olathe Middle School such as honesty, citizenship, responsibility, respect, and actively learning. Maria is a member of Honor Society and the Volleyball team. She is a great role model in the classroom and a wonderful student. Congratulations Maria. Pictured L-R: Teacher: Kari Keller, Kiwanian: Lamoine Brown, Student: Maria Baltazar, Mom: Angela Vassallo


It is our pleasure to nominate Isabel Shaw as the Kiwanis Student of the Week.  Isabel attends Columbine Middle School, and is an enthusiastic 7th grader with a great attitude.  She puts forth her best effort at everything she does by asking great questions and working hard.  She is always willing to help others with kind words of encouragement, patience, and understanding.  Every day she comes to class with a smile, ready to learn.  Also, Isabel is a member of the cross country team.  Congratulations! Pictured L to R: Father: Ryan Shaw, Mother: Mindy Shaw, Student:  Isabel Shaw, Teacher, CMS:  Leslie Maddox, Prinicpal, CMS : Ben Stephenson, Kiwanian:   Martine Valdez Gonzalez, Partners.


Congratulations to Student of the Week winner, Shelby Ortega. Shelby's dedication to school is evident in the way she conducts herself in and out of class. She is always on time and focused, with a willingness to help others.  Shelby is a member of the band at Centennial and also plays guitar, piano and drums.  We are lucky to have Shelby as a student at Centennial Middle School. Pictured L-R:Counselor, CTMS – Jane Ryan, Grandmother – Mary Ortega, Student – Shelby Ortega, Mother – Jeannette Ortega, Kiwanian – Kent Cox, Montrose Bank.


Kalee Ulibarri is the Vista Charter School Student of the Week.  Kalee is a senior at Vista who is planning to graduate this January.  The entire staff is happy to nominate Kalee because her enthusiasm and dedication are unmatched.  Kalee rarely misses a day at school and she is always extremely focusesd on her work.  Kalee has passed three of the four Vista benchmarks to graduate, and she is now tackling  math (not her favorite thing!) with the same persistent effort she always shows, and we know she will have that mastered soon.  Kalee is considering attending Delta Montrose Vocational School to study administrative assistant work. She is adept with a computer and very well organized, so she is hoping to become certified in Microsoft Software and work in an office environment. We, the Vista faculty and staff, are all glad to have her represent Vista Charter School. Pictured L-R: Vista Teacher-Gail Rust, Grandmother-Patricia Clawson, Aunt-Amy Ulibarri, Student-Kalee Ulibarri, and Kiwanian-Kirk Henwood, MCSD Dir. of HR.


Nolan Johnson is a senior at MHS, and is an incredibly positive and hardworking student.  He always has a smile.  Last year, Nolan had a setback.  He was diagnosed with cancer that forced him to be schooled at home while he went through his treatments.  He missed the majority of his junior year as we pieced together his education.  Throughout this ordeal, he maintained his positive attitude.  He also worked hard to earn enough credits to be able to graduate with his class this year.  Most importantly, he is cancer free! Pictured L-R: Kiwanian – Warren Brown, Student – Nathan Johnson, MHS Counselor – Tony Cimaglio, Parents – Brad and Julia Johnson.


Kiwanian:  Ed Walker, Turner Automotive; BCBGC: Mariah Leaverton, Whitney Snyder: Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club Olathe Site Director.


Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club nominated student on outstanding youth characteristics. Mother:  Wendy Chavez, Brother:  Jeremiah Chavez, Boys & Girls Club Rep Student: Savannah Chavez,Kiwanian:  Paul Paladino


Nominated by Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club for outstanding qualities. Kiwanian – Kirk Henwood, MCSDYouth - Anayansi Gonzalez; BG Club – Whitney Spencer and BG Club – Dana Johnson.


Nominated by Black Canyon Boys & Girls Club Recognized for outstanding qualities. Brenda Blakley – mom; Kyle Blakley – student; Kendra Esser - Black Canyon B&G program Director and Don Cashen – Kiwanian.


Nominated by Boy Scouts of America for outstanding qualities. Pictured L-R: Wayne Quade, Kiwanian; Aaron Gilleece, Eagle Scout and Don Cashen, Kiwanian.


Pictured L-R: Alma Buis – MCSD, Maria Nieto -  Mom, Ana Nieto – Student, Katy Gibson- Passage Charter School, Kirk Henwood – Kiwanian, MCSD.


     Centennial School's Kiwanis nomination for Student of the Week, is 7th grader Willow Robison. Her parents are Guy and Lora Mock, and she was nominated by her teachers Miss Steinhauser, Miss Jaime, Ms. Hilmas, and Mr. Kiefer.
     Her teachers wrote: “It is the pleasure of the Soaring Braves team at Centennial Middle School to nominate Willow Robison for recognition from the Kiwanis Club.
     Willow consistently shows outstanding effort in all of her classes with excellent results. She comes to school early to work on homework in the before school program and stays late at the after school program to participate in enrichment classes.
     She is also heavily involved in the Girl Scouts. Willow helps to make community baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas, mentors the younger girls, and helps to raise money each year by selling cookies.
     Willow is a dynamic and will-rounded young lady with a unique personality. Her dedication to bettering herself as a student and a person is inspiring. Please help us to celebrate Willow for her great work in the classroom and in the community.” Pictured L-R: Mom- Lora Mock, Cousin- Amber White, Student- Willow Robison, Kiwanian - Cisco Martinez, and Teacher – Juana Jaime.


Charles Tolen, a Senior at Olathe High School has a Grade Point Average of 3.942, and has been an honor society member for his entire career at OHS. Charles is a very determined and motivated young man with definite goals for his future. He has been extremely involved in the business end of things at our school. He has served as “head boy” this year, overseeing the entire student council – our governing body of students at OHS. He is a member of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and represented our school well at Regionals and State this year. He was a state finalist in Business Ethics, and took 1st place in Business Calculations and 2nd in Accounting at Regionals.
He is not a slacker outside of school either. In his spare time, he has worked part-time at A &W/Long John Silvers throughout highschool, plays on the Montrose High School LaCrosse team, and has dedicated much of his summers to organizing and coordinating events for both kids and adults alike at the Montrose County Fair. 
Charles has received several enticing scholarship offers from a number of prestigious schools including Colorado State University, Kansas State University, Mesa State College and the University of Denver. He has decided to attend Colorado State University next year and major in Accounting. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian - Cisco Martinez, Student - Charles Tolen, Mom - Stephanie Tolen, OHS Counselor - Teresa Pacheco. 


Olathe Middle School student, Trent Rose, has been selected by his 7th grade teachers as their student of the month. Trent is a hardworking, conscientious student. He is trustworthy, demonstrates justice, integrity, and excellence. Trent is enthusiastic in everything he participates in whether it is a class project, sporting competition, or club activity. Trent has participated successfully in football, wrestling, and track. He is a member of STAND, Honor Society, and the recycling club. He has been on the honor roll all three quarters this year. Trent Rose is a good role model for his peers. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian-Don Cashen, Student-Trent Rose, Assistant Principal, OMS-Bob Lee, Mom-Stacia Rose, and Teacher-Kari Keller.


A fun loving, hardworking student at Coumbine Middle School, Wyatt Roy is a typical 7th grade boy. He is conscientious about his classes and grades. He is quick to help others with their lessons too. Wyatt is a fine athlete on the field and court. He is very polite and considerate of others and to his teachers. This is why we have chosen Wyatt Roy as Kiwanis Student of the week. Pictured L to R is : Ben Stephenson, CMS Principal; student Wyatt Roy; Toni Roy, mother; Justin Kiehl, Kiwanian; Keith Obsheatz, Teacher; Michelle Giroir, teacher.


Olathe student, Amanda Castle, is a driven student and delivers her best in whatever she pursues. In addition, she has a caring spirit and is very compassionate. What stands out most about Amanda is her resilience and optimistic attitude towards life. She is extremely involved in FFA and in the ranching and agricultural community outside of school. As a result of being raised in this environment, she exudes respect and hard work. She is not afraid to get in there and get dirty. She was crowned rodeo queen in the past, and currently serves as an officer in FFA. Amanda also works as an office aide this year. We know that any task we assign to her will be done and done well. She is always a flutter, answering phones, helping folks at the front counter, running errands, and is a pleasure to work with. Great things are expected of this student, and we wish her the best. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian - Sgt. Blaine Hall, Student - Amanda Castle, Dad - Randy Castle, Brother - Zachary Castle,vMom - Rhonda Castle, and Assistant Principal - Bob Lee.


    Ambriel Drown, daughter of Roger and Valda Drown, as the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Ambriel is currently a senior at Vista Charter School and is on target to graduate in May. She is an excellent student who has made earning a high school diploma a priority in her life. Ambriel is very conscientious about her work and often uses her creative talents to demonstrate mastery of concepts. She has been active in Student Council and is always willing to help with special projects for the school. Ambriel works in the "After School Program" at Pomona Elementary School and is also active in 4-H and her church youth group. Despite the many obstacles Ambriel has had in life, she has done an amazing job! After graduation, Ambriel plans to go to college for a degree in elementary education. Pictured L-R: Dad - Roger Drown, Student - Ambriel Drown, Vista Teacher - Debbie Lofton, Kiwanian - Dan McCaslin of Alpine Bank.


MHS 11th grader, Nadine Pacheco, has done a complete turnaround this year in her education. She has gone from a .5 GPA at the end of the semester last year, to a 3.3 GPA at the end of this semester. Her class attendance has also improved, going from missing 133 period absences last year (most of them unexcused) to only missing 7 period absences this year, (all excused). Nadine’s attitude has changed toward school. She loves school and is working hard in every class. She is a very confident young woman, who has realized that she can do whatever she puts in her mind to do. Nadine is planning on taking Career Options Seminar next year and getting some hands on experience with nursing. She is also planning on attending college after she graduates to become a nurse. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian- Amiessa Jutten, MHS Rep.-Tami Sitton, Student - Nadine Pacheco, Student's boyfriend-Gabriel Gurrola, Stepmother-Maria Pacheco.



Olathe Middle School 8th grader, Mitchell Carlson, is one of those young men that we as educators have the privilege of having in our classes. He is always on task and diligent about completing all of his work. For my social studies classes he makes teaching so much fun. He is probably one of my favorite students to teach because he is continually engaged, attentive and responsive during the lessons. I have truly enjoyed having him in my class and have the utmost confidence that he will go on in his educational pursuits and represent our community well. Pictured left to right: Teacher-Judy Hauger, Student-Mitchell Carlson, Mom-Lisa Carlson, Dad-Lane Carlson, and Kiwanian-Wayne Skiff.



We are pleased to nominate Columbine Middle School 8th grader, Kaitlin Ammermann for Kiwanis Student of the Week. With her quiet determination and steady effort, Kaitlin demonstrates a love for learning and the strong desire to her very best. She is responsible, hard-working, conscientious student. Her character is outstanding. She is polite, kind and well-respected by her peers and teachers. Kaitlin is also active in basketball and softball. Kaitlin is an outstanding model at Columbine Middle School. Pictured L-R: Teacher-Jessica Griffin, Kiwanian-Cindy Warren, Student-Kaitlin Ammermann, Mom-Lynette Ammermann and Teacher-Kristi Webb. Kaitlin's father is Craig Ammermann.


From the beginning of the year, Centennial Middle School 8th grader, Annie Spencer, has been an excellent addition to the classroom. She has worked hard on each task and is always willing to help those in her group to succeed. Annie often gives other students advice on how they can improve their own work when it comes to writing, and in math class, Annie never hesitates to attempt a challenging problem. Each day, she comes to class with a smile and a pleasant attitude. Her optimism helps others to change their attitudes as well. Outside of school, Annie participates in volleyball, basketball, and track, and enjoys helping her family when she is at home. Annie is a great example of what it means to work hard and to try your best no matter what the task. She is a pleasure to have in class. Pictured L-R: Teacher-Jackie Schneider, Student-Annie Spencer, Kiwanian-Cindy Warren. Annie's parents are Sam and Margie Spencer. 


Alicia Mendoza is presented with Kiwanis Student of the Week.  She is the daughter of Ruben and Bertha Mendoza and is currently a 12th grade student at Vista Charter School in Montrose graduating Jan 2011.  Alicia is a deserving candidate for this award and has shown the ability to persevere through challenging circumstances by making positive choices for her future.  Alicia made the decision to make her education a priority and demonstrates this daily.

             This past year, in addition to attending Vista Charter School, Alicia was given the opportunity through an energy grant provided via Colorado Work Force to receive training in ARC welding. She has completed classes through advanced welding and earned MHSA certification and is now attending additional welding courses to prepare for ARC certification. Congratulations
Pictured L to R: Alicia Mendoza- student of week, Adrian Mendoza - brother, Bertha Mendoza - mom,
and Nancy Covington- teacher.



Fabian Hightower, a senior at Olathe High School, serves as the platoon, Armed Drill and Physical Training Commander in the OHS chapter of NJROTC. Fabian takes commitment and his responsibilities very seriously. He demands the best from himself and his peers at all times. He pushes himself to perform beyond the goal. His peers look up to him with admiration and respect. His foresight and insightful planning is what makes this NJROTC chapter flourish.

Fabian carries himself in a very dignified and respectful manner. He is a master of exuding self discipline. He takes his roles very seriously, and serves in many. He finished 3rd in a marathon in which there were over 400 participants. He is a gifted athlete and a dedicated academic student. He has a clear vision of his future plans, and he has the determination to succeed in his goals. Pictured Left to Right: Kiwanian-Cosme Sisneros, Student-Fabian Hightower, Father-Aaron Hightower, Mother-Ann Rivera, Assistant Principal-Bob Lee. 


Daughter of Sarah Griesedieck and John Unger, Elise Unger, a Senior at MHS, is a super young lady with a caring disposition and solid work ethic. Elise has maintained exemplary attendance throughout her high school years and has been a wonderful presence in her classes, maintaining a positive attitude for others to emulate. Elise has a solid reputation as a conscienscious student who consistently puts forth an honest effort to be successful and will try anything. Elise is planning to pursue the education and training required to obtain licensure as an Early Childhood Education specialist, and has been actively developing her skills in this area through career internship experiences at the Montrose RE-1J Schools Early Childhood Center. Pictured Left to Right: MHS Counselor - Barb Bernhardt, Kiwanian - Ed Walker (Turner Chevrolet), Mom - Sarah Griesedieck, Student- Elyse Unger, Dad - John Unger, MHS Assistant Principal - Toby Melster. 


I am happy to nominate Olathe High School Senior, Kayliegh Passmore for the Kiwanis student of the week. I have known Kayleigh Passmore over the course of the last three years in the areas of career and academic counseling. The reason I feel I know Kayleigh so well is that I have had the pleasure of working with her in order to pursue concurrent enrollment opportunities available through our school.

Kayleigh wanted to take a CNA class at the Delta Montrose Tech College as a junior in order to meet the prerequisites to enter the nursing program at Mesa State directly after graduation. The 3 spots we were allocated were already taken, so Kayleigh decided to take the night course. This course has a very difficult curriculum and Kayleigh completed the course in an 8 week period, attending class 4 nights a week, 3 hours a night, and had to complete nursing clinicals on Saturdays. She not only completed this course, but did so with close to the highest mark possible. In addition to this course, she was also enrolled in concurrent enrollment classes offered through Mesa State on our campus.

This year she has taken Physiology and Anatomy courses on the Mesa State College Montrose campus in addition to loading her schedule with AP and concurrent enrollment courses on our campus. She's also taken Dietary Nutrition on-line. She's done a superb job with it all.

She also serves as the Treasurer for the OHS chapter of CFES (College for Every Student). One of the requirements for being a CFES scholar is that they must become a peer mentor. Kayleigh has served as a breakfast buddy for a struggling middle school student this year, and it is really enlightening to see such dedication and commitment extended to the cause.

Anytime we've had a fundraiser or event scheduled, Kayleigh is there to dedicate her time and input. She is extremely reliable and just a great person to be around. I know that she gives her all in everything she pursues, and I expect great things from this young lady.

Terri Pacheco – OHS Counselor

Pictured left to right: Scot Brown (principal), Gabriel Martinez (step-father), Kayleigh Passmore (student), Debby Passmore (mom), and Dan McCaslin (kiwanian).



     Seventh Grade Team Nitro at Centennial Middle school is excited to honor a very special young lady, Gabby Pacheco, who is a pleasure to have in class and shows a tremedous amount of respect for her fellow clasmates and teachers.    
     She is the type of individual that enjoys learning and helping others with the learning process. Gabby is on the Centennial Middle School Honor Role and plays 7th grade volleyball. She is what many of us reconize as a model student both in and out of school. 
     Gabby is involved in her church and is a tremendous support within her family. As her 7th grade teachers, we all appreciate Gabby's attention to detail and sense of humor within the classroom.
Her leadership and ability to make good positive choicrs are just a few of the reasons why we have chosen to reconize here at the Kiwanis Club. Pictured left to right; Kiwanian-Cisco Martinez, Studen-Gabriela Pacheco, Mom-Maria Gonzalez, Unknown (woman), Teacher-Greg Whitsell.  



     It is a pleasure to nominate Randilyn and Chandler Madison for Kiwanis students of the month. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Whatever you are, be a good one." This message epitomizes the attitude and lifestyle of these girls.
     They play multiple sports and every time you see them on the athletic field it seems like they are outworking everyone else around them. They consistently put forth maximum effort in order to succeed; this does not change at all in the classroom. Repeatedly, it seems like the first people to complete assignments, to hand in quality work, or do adjust and redo assessments are Randilyn and Chandler.
     In addition to their awesome focus academically and athletically they are two of the politest kindest girls in eighth grade. We look forward to seeing these girls go on and do great things in high school and life, we look forward to teaching them for the remainder of the year, and are thrilled at the recognition they are receiving.
     Pictured left to right; Teacher Roman Hassel, Principal-Ben Stephenson, Student-Chandler Madison, Student-Randilyn Madison, Mom-Kim Munshaw, and Dad-Chuck Madison.


Vista Charter School senior Ariana Meraz, is a mature, respectful and dedicated young lady. She has shown these positive traits and more throughout her time here at Vista. She started attending Vista in September 2009. She came to us with 5.5 credits and now has a total of 13.5 credits. She goes well above expectations and requirements. She sets the bar high for herself and works hard to achieve her very best. Ariana hopes to graduate in May 2011 and then continue in higher education. We are very proud of her and all that she has accomplished. Ariana's parents are Cruz and Maria Elena Meraz. Pictured L-R: Angelic Chavez, teacher; Maria Meraz, mother; Ariana Meraz,student; Amissa Jutten, Kiwanis member / partners.



Bella Tapia is an outstanding 8th grade student at Olathe Middle School. Like many Kiwanis Students of the Week, she exemplifies a great work ethic, self-reliance, and demands the most for herself. She has a quiet strength- she almost goes unnoticed except for the fact that her growing body of work is exceptional. Bella is active in sports, especially volleyball and is going out for basketball this year. Bella is well liked, popular, and makes good choices. Way to go Bella! Her parents are Tomas Tapia and Mayarit Jaimes. Pictured L-R: Principal-Scot Brown, Student-Bella Tapia, Mother- Mayarit Jaimes, Teacher-Jon McKinnon, and Kiwanian- Ray Marcha


The Kiwanis Student of the Week Winner is Brett Foster, a senior at MHS.Brett has worked
very hard to get to this point. In 10th grade, Brett had a significant health issue that required brain surgery. During that time he missed a lot of school. He worked hard during this time to avoid falling behind in his classes. Upon his return to school, he maintained his focus while
dealing with some residual effects of his surgery. He is hard worker and a very likeable kid. Today he is making plans for college to pursue a career in Dentistry.Pictured L-R: Teacher-Tony Cimaglio, Kiwanian-Cisco Martinez, Student-Brett Foster with sister, Father-Jeremiah Foster, and Mother-Susann Foster. 


Logan Crim, an 8th grader at Centennial Middle School, is an exemplary student. Logan takes the time to do quality work and truly cares about working to his potential. He is a great example to his peers because of his work ethic and has a strong moral character. It is not uncommon for other students in the classroom to ask for help from Logan. He is always more than happy to assist others. We feel confident, that because of Logan’s commitment to being a quality student, and his willingness to be an upstanding individual, that he will do great things in the future." Logan is the son of Cory & Michelle Crim. Pictured L-R; Cos Cisneros – Kiwanian, Logan Crim- Student, Michelle Crim-Parent, and Chris Thompson-Math Teacher.



Jordan Solseth, a 7th grader at Olathe Middle School, is an exemplary person who impacts everyone around her. Not only does she bedazzle teachers by excelling in all academic areas, but her enthusiasm and zest for learning leave quite an impression. Beyond school achievement, Jordan is a friend to everyone. She makes every effort to include her peers in all activities, eagerly assisting them with school work, as well as encouraging and validating each as a person. Jordan often volunteers herself to staff members and students when needed in addition to being involved with school sports, clubs, and activities. She is an outstanding young lady and a tremendous asset to Olathe Middle School. Jordan's parents are; Kari Keller and Greg Solseth. Pictured L to R: Scot Brown, Principal; Jordan Solseth, student; Sgt. Warren Brown, Kiwanian. 


Just like her name sounds, Karima Penasa, from Columbine Middle School, is charismatic. This effervescent 7th grade volleyball player is the hit of the class. She is an active participate in class, very studious, and helpful to teachers and her peers. Karima always has a story to share that will bring a smile to your face. We are proud to award her with the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Pictured from L-R; Ben Stephenson-Principal, Michelle Giroir - teacher, Sharon Penasa - mom, Karima Penasa - student, Andrew Penasa - father, Keri Catlin - teacher.



Olathe High School Senior, Luis Corona, is a quiet student who leads by example. He has participated in football, wrestling, track and LULAC. He currently is in Advanced Math and Physics and holds a 2.94 grade point average. Last year he received the Outstanding Spanish 2 Student and Outstanding Weightlifting Awards. As a senior, Luis has enough credits to have an open hour, but when he found we needed assistance during that class period, he volunteered to help.  He is always respectful towards adults and well liked by his peers. Pictured left to right:Scot Brown, Principal OHS; Luis Corona,Student; Eloina Corna, Mom; Roberto Cornona, Dad.



MHS Senior, Lauren Bony, is committed to her education and giving back to her community. She is a top student at MHS and is active in choir, National Honor Society, ASTRA, and Girl Scouts. Lauren’s dedication to academics, extra-curricular activities, and service to her community make her a wonderful asset to Montrose High School. Pictured left to right: Kiwanian, Wayne Quade; Paul Bony, father; Lauren Bony, student; Susan Bony, mother; Kathleen Pirani, school counselor; Jason Lindsay, Assistant Principal MHS







































































The Kiwanis Student of the Week is Centennial's 7th grader Rachel Marston. Her parents are Mark & Beth Marston. She was nominated by her core teachers Ms. Steinhauser, Ms. Hilmas, Miss Jaime, Mr. Obsheatz and Mr. Kiefer."We are proud to nominate Rachel Marston for recognition not only for her dedication and hard work in the classroom, but also for her commitment to the cause of finding a cure for cancer. This cause has a direct impact in Rachel’s life as she has been helping her younger sister battle the disease. Even though her sister’s illness is one that brings many challenges to a family, Rachel has faced this obstacle with courage and a proactive attitude. Not only has she stood by her sister’s side through illness and travelled around the state for doctor’s visits, but she has also participated in the Relay for Life program and raised money for the American Cancer Society. Admirably, Rachel has continued to be an outstanding student. She participates in band, a creative writing lunch group, and excels in all of her classes. Rachel is a model student, a wonderful sister, and an exemplary member of the community. Though she is an adolescent, we can all take the example that Rachel sets and apply the same standards of compassion and hard work in our own lives. Rachel continues to overcome any hurdle that she encounters in life, which gives us absolute confidence that her future holds many great achievements." Pictured L-R: Maria Stienhauser, teacher: Rachel Marston, student : Mark Marston , Beth Marston parents , Trevor Harrison Kiwannian




Samantha Chavez is presented as the Kiwanis Student of the Week. She is the daughter of Andrew and Betty Chavez and is currently a 12th grade student at Vista Charter School in Montrose. Samantha is a student who has chosen to make her education a priority and demonstrates this daily. This shows great strength in character and dedication. Samantha is a deserving candidate for this award and has shown the ability to persevere through challenging circumstances and has made positive choices for her future. She has excellent communication and problem solving skills and has completed her credit requirements at the highest level. Along with achieving this goal, Samantha has also successfully maintained a full time job at Sonic Drive In, located in Montrose. Her commitment for her future is a priority in her life. Samantha will graduate in May 2010 and will be concentrating on furthering her education in the medical profession. We are very proud to have had Samantha at the Vista Charter School and wish her the best on her future. Pictured from L-R: Mr. Andrew Chavez, Samantha Chavez( Student),
Mrs. Betty Chavez, Nancy Covington and Kiwanian Dave DeVinny




.Jessenia Arellano from Olathe Middle School is the Kiwanis’ student of the week. Jessenia was selected
by her 8th grade teachers for her leadership, hard work, character, decision-making, and involvement in school. Jessenia has played volleyball and basketball and has been involved in other extracurricular activities, such as leadership council. She always does her best and has an exceptional attitude and maturity beyond her years. Jessenia goes out of her way to help others and is a joy to have in class. The 8th grade teachers appreciate and thank her for all she does.
Pictured L-R: Assistant Principal - Bob Lee, Teacher - Jon Mckiinon, Student – Jessenia Arellano, Mom - Adela Suarez, Kiwanian- Cos Sisneros




Ashley Brew, a senior at Olathe High School, is the winner of the Kiwanis Student of The Week Award. The school did not send any additional information on Ashley. Pictured L-R: Scot Brown-Principal OMHS, Ashley Brew, Danie Brew-mother, and Kiwanian Paul Paladino.



Congratulations to Student of The Week River Walker, a 6th grader at Olathe Middle School. He is wonderful to have in class. He works hard in his studies, and is eager to help his classmates. River is always polite and shows his teachers a great deal of respect. He is a great role model for his peers as well. As a teacher, it is nice to have a student who stays on task and completes any assignments we ask of him. Great job River! River's parents are Adam and Bobbie Gray. Pictured L-R: Scot Brown-Principal OMHS, River Walker, Bobbie Gray- mother, and Kiwanian Paul Paladino.






Leah Valdez, is a senior at Montrose High School, and was an Honor Roll student last semester, Leah plans to pursue a career as a veterinary assistant. Pictured L-R: Martin Valdez-dad, Leah Valdez-student, Susan Valdez-mom, Barbara Bernhart-MHS counselor.






Kendall Cox is proudly recommended by the 8th grade core teachers at Columbine Middle School for Kiwanis student of the month for January. Kendall excels in academics, she consistently does high level work in all her classes and has earned a 4.0 grade point average this year at Columbine. Kendall’s open and honest attitude make her a joy to have in the classroom and she adds greatly to the classroom dynamic. Kendall keeps up a busy extracurricular schedule by participating in cross country, basketball, and track. This year in cross country Kendall regularly finished as one of Columbine’s top runners. In addition to a busy Columbine schedule, Kendall helps out teaching young children at her church during summer and is active in other activities with her church. With a very full schedule Kendall is still able to be successful in all her endeavors and maintain a positive attitude always, making her a student that is worthy of recognition. Pictured L to R Back: Teacher–David Perfors, Father -Kenton Cox,  Mother-Nanci Cox, L to R Front:  StudentKendall Cox, Brotherr–Kyle Cox, Kiwanian–Cindy Warren.  






Hannah Schieldt an 8th Grader at Centennial Middle School was chosen as the Kiwanis Club’s Student of the Week. Throughout the school year, Hannah has set an excellent example for her classmates.  Not only has she worked hard in class to complete assignments, but she has worked hard outside of class when she has homework or makeup work from an absence.  Hannah takes the initiative to keep track of her own grades and to ask questions when she needs help.  As a team member, Hannah is a great example of someone who tries to help her classmates succeed either by explaining concepts or by keeping her team members on task.  Hannah is a great example of what it means to show respect to yourself and others and to take responsibility for your own actions.  Through her work, it is obvious that Hannah takes great pride in what she does.  Her teachers are very pleased to have her in the classroom. Pictured L to R: Dad -Wayne Schieldt, Teacher – Ms. Kohout, Mom - Dawn Schieldt, Student - Hannah Schieldt, Kiwanian - Amiessa Jutten.






Chandra Wejs, daughter of Mark Wejs, was chosen as the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Chandra is currently a senior at Vista Charter School and is on target to graduate in May 2010. She is an excellent student who has made earning a high school diploma a priority in her life, using every minute she’s here to make progress toward completion. Chandra is dependable, well-organized, and productive. I am impressed that Chandra has been able to maintain a steady job while focusing on her education. Despite the many obstacles she’s had in life, Chandra has done an amazing job! After graduation, Chandra plans to build a career as a paralegal. Pictured Left to Right-Halla Saeed - family friend, Marc Wejs - Father, Chandra Wejs Student, Debbie Lofton - Teacher, and Terry Wejs - Grandfather.






The Kiwanis Student of the Week is Derek Mayo, son of Maria Alvarez, who is a senior @Montrose High School. Derek has been accepted to Mesa State College and hopes to start classes leading to a degree in chiropractic medicine. Derek has maintained a 3.0 grade point average while being active in LULAC and VARSITY Soccer as well as tutoring other students. Pictured L-R: Kiwanian-Cindy Warren, Student-Derek Mayo, Teacher – Pat Myers






Seth Harrison,a 7th grader at Olathe Middle School, is our Kiwanis’ student of the week for several reasons.  As a student, Seth puts forth outstanding effort to learn as much as possible while also being helpful to others.  Further, he excels in the realm of athletics where he continually pushes himself to improve—there is no "good enough" for Seth.  Lastly, Seth is a young man that contributes to his community.  Whether it be academics, athletics, or citizenship—Seth can be found helping others, contributing to the cause, and supporting excellence for OMHS and Olathe.  Way to go Seth! Parents are Randy and LaDonna Harrison. Pictured L-R: Mr. Vincent - teacher, Seth Harrison , LaDonna Harrison - mom, Don Davidson Kiwanian.






Photo Not Available

"Michelle Tafoya, a 7th grader at Centennial Middle School, is being recognized as the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Michelle not only demonstrates excellence within her academic achievement, she is advanced in her quality of character. In the classroom and with her teachers, she is a serious student, quite and respectful. With her friends and classmates, she is truthful and enjoyable. With her attitude, she is open-minded, brave, and reflective. All of these things make it an honor to recognize Michelle as the Kiwanis Student of the Week." Michelle's parents are David Tafoya, Bobbi and Alan Brown (stepfather).






8th grader,Bailee McNamara was chosen by the Exploratory teachers of Columbine Middle School, to be honored as the Kiwanis Student of the week. Bailee is an exemplary student in all areas of the school experience. She makes straight A’s and in on the principal’s Honor Roll. She is a past recipient of the A+BC student of the month award and was named as Outstanding Student of the quarter in Physical Education. She participates in volleyball, basketball and track as extra-curricular activities. In her spare time Bailee competes in rodeo events and likes to go hunting with her dad. Bailee works hard as she strives for perfection in all that she does. She always has a smile and is a pleasure to have in class. LR- Lamoine Brown-Kiwanian, Ann Nichols-teacher, Bailee McNamara-student, Beverly McNamara-mom and Jim McNamara-dad





Richy Hernandez is presented at the Kiwanis Student of the Week. He is the son of Isidro and Irma Hernandez and is currently a Senior
at Vista Charter School in Montrose. Richy is a student who has chosen to make his education a priority and demonstrates this daily. He has had an excellent attendance record and has exceeded his credit requirements at the highest level. Along with achieving this goal, he also has been able to successfully maintain a full time job. Richy will graduate in January 2010 and will be concentrating on furthering his education. Congratulations on achieving these goals, Richy. This is a well deserved honor. Pictured LR: Isidro Hernandez-father; Richy Hernandez-student; Lawna Curtis-Teacher and Kent Cox-Kiwanian.





Hannah Pace is the 7th grade Kiwanis’ student of the week. She is the daughter of Cindy and Bryan Pace from Olathe. Hannah was selected by her 7th grade teachers for her leadership, hard work, and cheerful attitude. Hannah is a wonderful role model for her classmates displaying good character, self confident, making the right decision, and being involved in school. Hannah played volleyball and has been involved in many extracurricular activities. The 7th grade team would like to thank Hannah for being a wonderful student and a joy to have in class. L-R – Kari Keller, Teacher; Hannah Pace, Student; Paul Paladino, Kiwanian






Savannah George, a senior at MHS, has really managed to turn around her academic career. After struggling through personal and academic issues her 9th and 10th grade years, she 
finally got serious about her education. Through hard work, she is expected to graduate with the class of 2010. She has enlisted in the Navy and will use that experience as a stepping stone to her career goal of becoming a Pediatrics Nurse. Pictured left to right are: Tony Cimaglio MHS Counselor, Student of the Week Savannah George; Sheila Drury (mother); Amiessa Jutten Kiwanian.






Olathe Middle School 8th grader, Daniela Marin, is one of those students that every teacher feels very lucky to have in the classroom. She is hard-working with an amazing attitude. She is always on task and very quick to give you a beautiful smile. She has the attitude that will take her far in whatever she chooses to do with her life. She is just a treasure to have at Olathe Middle School. Pictured L to R – Scot Brown/Principal, Judith Hauger/Teacher, Daniela Marin/Student, and Mother Cira Marin.






Erin Warner, a 7th Grader at Columbine Middle School, is a positive well rounded student. She participates in Volleyball and is always helpful in class. She is a joy to be around. Pictured L to R Michelle Giroir/Teacher, Erin Warner/Student, Robert Warner/Father, Gayla Warner, and Kerri Catlin/Teacher.






“The teachers on the Corps of Discovery have selected 8th grader, Lauren Livermore from Centennial Middle School to be recognized as the Kiwanis Student of the Week. Lauren is extremely polite and respectful. She is soft-spoken yet never hesitant or afraid to ask questions in order to gain understanding. Lauren is diligent and her work is always of the highest quality. Lauren is an asset to our school and a positive role model for her peers. Lauren is an active member of our school community. She plays on the 8th grade volleyball team and is a member of our school’s concert band and jazz band. We would like to congratulate Lauren on her hard work and achievements. We would also like to thank Lauren’s parents for sharing their daughter with us and commend them on the outstanding job they have done raising such a respectful and hard working young lady.” Pictured left to right; Lauren's mother, Lauren and teacher Chris Thompson






Hannah Carter is an eleventh grader at Vista who is planning to graduate early, and because of her intense commitment to education, she will succeed.

Hannah came to Vista in August of 2008 from a large high school in Michigan where she was nearly a straight A student. She has continued to excel in her education, and is taking classes that will prepare her for college down the road, including Algebra 2 which has proven to be quite the challenge on a semi-independent basis.

Hannah’s academic success is inspiring to me, because she can balance so many other things in her life. Hannah plays bassoon in the Montrose High School band, works part time at Rib City Grill, and volunteers as a lightning technician at Magic Circle Theater. I know few seventeen year olds who could juggle that much! She is an exceptional student and person.

Pictured left to right are; Kiwanian Warren Brown, Student of the Week Hannah Carter, Hub Carter, Cayla Byers, Sue Carter and teacher Gail Rust.




Twelfth Grader, Crystal Holton, has been very active in her high school experience at Olathe High School. Academically, she has pursued the more rigorous path, taking most of the high school concurrent classes from Mesa State as well as honors courses offered here on campus.

She has been heavily involved in our local agriculture, serving in leadership positions in both 4-H and FFA throughout her high school career. Crystal is currently a member of the Parliamentary Procedure Team as well as the Horse Judging Team, and is our Chapter District Reporter for FFA. She has served as the Club Vice President and Secretary of the 4H Council and won the title of Grand Champion for General Product this year for 4H.

When she’s not busy with her horses, she squeezes in Volleyball, and is a member of the Olathe Varsity Lady Volleyball Team this year. Good luck this season Lady Pirates!

In addition, Crystal has served as a peer mentor over the past several years, working with struggling middle school students as a member of the national foundation, CFES (College For Every Student). She has assumed a leadership role in our Olathe club, serving as President and club representative. It seems that wherever Crystal goes, she dives in with both feet and takes charge.

Crystal plans to attend CSU in Ft. Collins and major in Interior Design. Her dream is to become a member of the Extreme Make-over Home Edition Team. She is a determined young lady with definite goals, and we are honored to have Crystal Holton represent Olathe as the Kiwanis Student of the Month.

Pictured left to right: OHS Principal Scot Brown, Crystal, Mother Laura Holton and Kiwanian LaMoine Brown.





Congratulations to Shelby Bowen, a Senior at Montrose High School, she is a hard-working student who has been involved in various athletics and clubs throughout high school.She is currently a manager of the MHS softball team and the MHS Speech Team. Shelby has been an active participant in the MHS H.E.L.P. program, through which she serves as a positive role model for elementary and middle school students. Her long-term goal is to become a P.E. teacher. Pictured left to right, teacher K. Pirani, mother Joni Bowen, Shelby, Kiwanian Bonnie Gregg and father David Bowen.

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